Information Security Program Development

BorderHawk provides solutions for Cybersecurity and Information Security Consulting and Compliance.

Cybersecurity and Information Risk Management Consulting 


BorderHawk’s Information Security Program Development delivers professional services aimed at helping you define and plan the next version of your organization’s security life cycle. Our goal is to help you reduce development costs associated with security, achieve consistency, and manage information risk effectively.


What we do...

Our Information Security Governance Consulting practice focuses on helping clients understand and manage information risk. Accordingly, our approach involves analyzing practices needed to safeguard information and information systems, especially where confidentiality, integrity, availability, or non-repudiation of information is paramount. These measures incorporate protection, detection, response and correction capabilities.

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Since 2008, BorderHawk has been facilitating security solutions for the suppliers of America's critical infrastructure including power companies, oil & gas providers, telecommunications companies, state and municipal government, law enforcement agencies, the financial services industry, healthcare, and the defense industrial base.



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